Amir Sufi, Bruce Lindsay Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Chicago Booth

About the Campaign

The University of Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact will enable Chicago Booth to accelerate our discovery of the next set of pathbreaking ideas in business and to produce leaders who will implement these ideas and transform the world.

Building on our current momentum, we will:

  • broaden our reach—intellectually and geographically;
  • expand offerings to keep pace with a growing knowledge base; and
  • leverage strengths across disciplines toward enduring impact.

Our campaign priorities are to:

  1. Strengthen and broaden the intellectual footprint of the school by supporting faculty.
  2. Support and leverage impact and influence by investing in centers and initiatives.
  3. Match the expanding scope of student aspirations by offering new programs and promoting curricular innovation.
  4. Attract an even broader pool of future leaders via scholarship support and global programs.
  5. Better leverage and support our alumni, fostering leaders who can and do have a transformative impact on the world.

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