Campaign Giving Roster
Founder Level: $100,000–$249,999

Chicago Booth gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have given $100,000–$249,999 cumulatively to the school since the start of the campaign through August 31, 2019.


  • Anonymous (4)
  • Scott J. Adelson, MBA'87
  • James J. Albrecht, MBA'63
  • Claudia Amboss, LLM'97 and Rodolpho Amboss, MBA'97
  • Navin B. Amin, MBA'62 and Mercedes N. Amin
  • William Anast, MBA'01 and Kimberly Anast
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  • Calvin Baker, MBA'69
  • Rex Bates
  • Jonathan E. Baum, MBA'87 and Sarah Henshaw Baum, MBA'87
  • Lambertus J. Becht, MBA'82 and Ann Becht
  • Eduard Beit, MBA'88
  • Gregory J. Besio, MBA'89 and Suzanne Besio
  • The Bilger Foundation
  • Norman R. Bobins, MBA'67
  • Keith M. Breslauer, MBA'88 and Lauren Breslauer
  • Clinton W. Bybee, MBA'90
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  • Kevin T. Callahan, MBA'92
  • Elizabeth B. Cammack, MBA'78, PhD'87 and Douglas W. Diamond
  • Mark Carhart, PhD'95 and Sabrina Carhart
  • Christopher S. Chan, MBA'86
  • Kenny Chan, MBA'17 (AXP-16) and Wing Y. Chan
  • Marisa de la Torre and Pradeep Chintagunta
  • C. Robert Chow, MBA'90 and Hilda Chow
  • Florence Cohen, MAT'74 and Neal Cohen, AB'83, MBA'84
  • Patricia Conrades and George Conrades, MBA'71 (XP-28)
  • Darrell Wayne Cronan, MBA'00 and Jolanta Wlodarkiewicz
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  • Jayendra Das, MBA’99 and Jyothi Das
  • Keith L. Crandell, MBA'88 and Susan E. Davis, MBA'88
  • Pedro de Andrade Faria, MBA'02
  • Wendy L. de Monchaux, MBA'86∞
  • Emmanuel DeSousa, MBA'95
  • Judith Dittmer and Harold Dittmer, MBA'70
  • Arvind R. Doshi
  • Pritam A. Doshi, MBA'00 and Sohini P. Doshi
  • J. Patrick Doyle, MBA'88
  • Steven Mark Dresner, MBA'82 and Debra E. Dresner
  • Mark Dreyfus, MBA'80
  • Scott Drum, MBA'72 and Lynn Drum
  • Debra D. Drumheller, MBA'75 and Robert B. Drumheller, MBA'75
  • Timothy Dugan, MBA'90 and Elizabeth Dugan
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  • James S. Ely III, MBA'87 and Elisabeth Griffin Ely
  • Marilyn Ernsteen and Joseph Ernsteen, MBA'70∞
  • David A. Euson, MBA'83 and Sally Euson
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  • Robert Feitler, LAB'46 and Joan Feitler, AM'55
  • Eugene L. Ferretti, MBA'77 and Honor C. Ferretti
  • Deborah D. Findley and Marshall K. Findley, AM'85, MBA'92
  • Robert Steven Flicker, MBA'87
  • Ronald Frank, MBA'59, PhD'60
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  • Catherine Garzio, MBA'81 and Martin Mattes
  • Joel F. Gemunder, MBA'62
  • Timothy M. George, AB'74, MBA'75
  • Stuart Goode
  • Kathryn C. Gould, MBA'78∞
  • Sunil Grover, MBA'99 and Erlina Hollinsead
  • Maria Catalina Saieh Guzman, MBA'10 and Pablo Andres Gonzalez
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  • The Hamer Foundation
  • Robert S. Handler, MBA'64∞
  • Susan Hapak, MBA'89
  • Leslie Henshaw, MBA'87 and Fernando Rene Mendez, MBA'87
  • James P. Hickey, MBA'82
  • Deborah Ziegler Hilibrand, AB'78, MBA'79 and Lawrence Hilibrand
  • Andrew Hirschberg, MBA'88
  • Rachel Kohler, MBA'89 and Mark Hoplamazian, MBA'89
  • Gillian Yeo, MBA'12 (AXP-11) and Ted Hornbein, MBA'05 (AXP-4)
  • Renee Yeuk Yan Hung
  • Johannes P. Huth, MBA'86
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  • Thomas Kalaris, MBA'78
  • Kenneth Kaufman, MBA'76 and Barbara Kaufman, MST'81
  • Nettie Keck and Thomas Keck, IMB'97
  • Kenneth A. Kelly, MBA'98
  • Susan C. Kelly, MBA'96 and Justin H. Kelly
  • Lawrence Goodwin Kemp, MBA'87
  • Louis William Kenter, MBA'84 and Leslie A. Graham
  • Craig Kipp, MBA'83
  • Christin Kohls and Joseph Kohls, MBA'95
  • Stacey Kole, AM'86, PhD'92 and James Kole, JD'87
  • Kontogouris-Djokic Foundation
  • Carmen Saura and Manish D. Kothari, MBA'90
  • Sunil Kumar and Sumati Murli
  • Alvin Kwock, AB'03, AM'03
  • Michael Kwon Yoon June, MBA’07 (AXP-6)
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  • Keith Leonard Jr.
  • Willy Ke-Wei Liu, MBA'83 and Linda Wang
  • Robert J. Loeb, MBA'73 and Pia C. Loeb
  • Bonnie Lou Lucas, MBA'89 and Stuart P. Sondheimer
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  • J. Matthew and Susan Mackowski
  • Roopa G. Makhija, MBA'96 and Subhash M. Makhija, MBA'96
  • Joseph T. Mallof, MBA'74 and Virginia E. Mallof
  • Heather L. Mason, MBA'86 and Perry M. Lentine
  • Edson Hiroshi Matsubayashi, MBA'02
  • Mark McCall, MBA'00
  • Thomas J. McDonald, MBA'08 (XP-77) and Gina Raffin
  • J McLane, MBA'03
  • James B. McWethy
  • Carl D. Meyer, AB'91, MBA'92
  • Mr. and Mrs. John V. Miller, MBA'00
  • Luis Miranda, MBA'89 and Fiona Dias-Miranda
  • John C. Momtazee, JD’97, MBA’97 and Callene Momtazee, AB’95, AM’97
  • Leslie Monieson and Douglas Monieson, MBA'89
  • Amelia Maccoun Morris, MBA'86
  • John Moss, MBA'64
  • Jean Qin Mou, MBA'97 and Yoshiaki Fujimori
  • Christine M. Myers
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  • Nancy Nagel and Robert Nagel, MBA'63∞
  • Koichiro Nakamura, MBA'07 and Satomi Nakamura
  • David M. Neenan, MBA'95 and Catherine D. Neenan
  • Robert T. Nelsen, MBA'87
  • Jill Noon∞ and Christopher Noon, MBA'72
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  • Kenneth W. O'Keefe, MBA'93
  • Thomas John Otterbein, MBA'94 and Victoria Otterbein
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  • Karen Miller Padgett, MBA’93
  • James N. Perry Jr., MBA'85 and Mary Perry
  • William Priebe, MBA'75
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  • Michael G. Rantz, MBA'83 and Paula Rantz
  • Lisa Rigsbee and Stephen Rigsbee, AM'83, MBA'84
  • David Rostov, AM'92, MBA'92 and Audrey Talley Rostov
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  • Jorge A. Saieh, AM'97, MBA'98 and Carola Diaz
  • Haresh B. Sapra and Ximena M. Victoria
  • Kurt Schmidt, MBA'90 (XP-59) and Kathrin Schmidt
  • Myron Scholes, MBA'64, PhD'70
  • Stephen Schwartz, MBA'87
  • Michele J. Hooper, MBA'75 and Lemuel Seabrook, AB'74, MBA'75
  • Yi Shao, MBA'94 and Jie Lu
  • Kim M. Sharan, MBA'95 (XP-64)
  • Joseph C. Shugart, MBA'81 and Melanie Shugart
  • Joseph Sifferlen, MBA'93 (XP-62) and Deborah Sifferlen, MBA'96
  • Edward A. Snyder, AM'78, PhD'84
  • Ida N. Sondheimer
  • Dennis Stattman, MBA'80
  • Bill Stein, MBA'94
  • Dick Stoken, MBA'58
  • Andrew D. Stone, MBA'81
  • Avi Rafael Stopper, MBA'06
  • Andrew B. Sugerman, MBA'97
  • Diane Swonk, MBA'89
  • Richard Kent Sykes, MBA'90
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  • Steven Tarrson
  • Allan C. Teh, MBA'91
  • Brian T. Terp, MBA'04 and Carin Terp
  • Peter Q. Thompson, MBA'00 and Michelle S. Thompson
  • Mamie Britt Timmons, MBA'11
  • William R. Timmons III, MBA'76
  • James L. Tyree
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  • Sita and Vijay Vashee, MBA'77
  • Joanne Velasquez and Arthur R. Velasquez, MBA'67
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  • John Coleman Wheeler, MBA'92
  • Howard Willard, MBA'89
  • Ted Wright, MBA'00
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  • David G. Yates, AB'82, MBA'87
  • Lincoln C. K. Yung, MBA'70
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  • Donna Frett Zarcone, MBA'87
  • Agnes Zellner
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∞ Deceased