Campaign Giving Roster
Cornerstone Level: $1,000,000–$9,999,999

Chicago Booth gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have given $1,000,000–$9,999,999 cumulatively to the school since the start of the campaign through October 31, 2017.


  • Anonymous (4)
  • Sharon Sadow Alper, AB'80, JD'84 and Andrew Alper, AB'80, MBA'81
  • Alexey Ananiev, MBA'05 (EXP-10)
  • Dmitry Ananiev, MBA'06 (EXP-11)
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  • Brian Paul Baker, MBA'97
  • Vincent Bates, MBA'62∞
  • Dr. Randall Bellows, MBA'88 (XP-57)
  • Roger Blume, MBA'67 and Camille Blume
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  • Wei Cai, AM'95, MBA'95 and Lan Xue
  • Philip A. Canfield, MBA'96
  • Eduardo A. Carrillo Jr., MBA'12
  • Eduardo A. Carrillo Sr., MBA'76
  • Liguang Dave Chen, MBA'00
  • Jaime Chico Pardo, MBA'74
  • Dennis Chookaszian, MBA'68 and Karen Chookaszian
  • Samuel W. Chu, MBA'87 and Pauline Chu
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  • Chris P. Dialynas, MBA'80
  • Anne DiGiacomo and Frank DiGiacomo, MBA'64
  • Brady W. Dougan, AB'81, MBA'82 and Laura E. Niklason, PhD'88
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  • Eugene Fama, MBA'63, PhD'64 and Sallyann Fama
  • William M. Fitzgerald, MBA'88 and Alison Fitzgerald
  • Edward A. Francisco, MBA'80 and Michelle A. Francisco
  • Richard Friedman, MBA'81 and Susan Friedman
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  • JP Gan, MBA'99
  • Myron Gaylord, MBA'73
  • Mary Louise Gorno, MBA'76
  • Anne Griffin
  • Kenneth Griffin
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  • Charles M. Harper, MBA'50∞
  • J. Baum Harris, AB'58, MBA'59
  • Karen M. Herman and Michael E. Herman, MBA'64
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  • Kaplan Foundation, Carol Kaplan and Edward Kaplan, MBA'71
  • Kathleen Kapnick, JD'84 and Scott Kapnick, MBA'85, JD'85
  • Karen L. Katen, AB'70, MBA'74
  • Connie Keller and Dennis Keller, MBA'68
  • Sandra M. Kilts and James M. Kilts, MBA'74
  • Peter D. Kinnear, MBA'71
  • John L. Kordash, MBA'75 and Judith Kordash
  • Ashwin Kumar, MBA'88
  • Soichiro Kurachi, MBA'85
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  • Kathy Leventhal and Richard Leventhal, MBA'70
  • Matthew Li, MBA'91 and Yingbo Li
  • Serena J. Liew, LAB'85, AB'89 and John M. Liew, AB'89, MBA'94, PhD'95
  • Bruce C. Lindsay, MBA'65 and Suzanne G. Lindsay
  • Leonardo LoCascio, MBA'73
  • Mark Loughridge, MBA'82 and Michele Williams
  • Youming Lu, MBA'16 (AXP-15)
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  • Howard S. Marks, MBA'69 and Nancy Marks
  • Roxanne M. Martino, MBA'88 and Rocco J. Martino
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McCormack, MBA'68
  • Scott W. McCormack
  • Sarah Myers McGinty and Family
  • Chuck McQuaid, MBA'76 and Monica McQuaid
  • Siddharth N. Mehta, MBA'81 and Swati S. Mehta
  • John W. Meriwether, MBA'73
  • Charles H. Moore II
  • Charles J. Moore, LAB'66, MBA'76 and Joan W. Moore
  • William W. Moore
  • Sharon L. Moulder and Leon Moulder, MBA'97 (XP-66)
  • Luiz O. Muniz, MBA'90
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  • Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer and Joseph Neubauer, MBA'65
  • Ann V. Nicholson and James B. Nicholson, MBA'67
  • Cathy Niden, AB'81, MBA'84, PhD'88 and Howard Niden, AB'80, MBA'84
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  • Lisa Toner Heffernan, MBA'80 and Roger Orf, MBA'77, JD'79
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  • Guru Ramakrishnan, MBA'88 and Anupama Ramakrishnan
  • Jaithirth "Jerry" Rao, MBA'81 and Neelambari Rao
  • Linnea Conrad Roberts, MBA'90 and George R. Roberts
  • Julianne H. Rose, MBA'81 and Clayton S. Rose, AB'80, MBA'81
  • William Rusnack, MBA'70 and Marsha Rusnack
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  • Stevens Sharkey, MBA'85
  • Steven Shebik, MBA'80 and Megan Shebik
  • Van J. Stults, MBA'78 and Sharon B. Stults, MBA'08 (EXP-13)
  • Raymond Svider, MBA'89 and Frederique Svider
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  • Camille Canzone and Ronald Tarrson, MBA'72 (XP-31)
  • Marilyn Tenzer and Lee Tenzer, MBA'77
  • Immanuel Thangaraj, AB'92, MBA'93
  • Preetha R. Thangaraj
  • Robert Topel and Lynn Shishido-Topel
  • Tina L. Trott and Byron D. Trott, AB'81, MBA'82
  • David A. Twardock, MBA'82 and Kathleen Twardock
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  • Jose R. Valente Vias, MBA'88 and Veronica Stein
  • Keren Rutberg Vishny, MD'89 and Robert W. Vishny
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  • Therese L. Wareham, MBA'82
  • Craig R. Woodward
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  • Mary Yovovich, AB'74, MBA'78 and Paul Yovovich, AB'74, MBA'75
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  • Mark E. Zmijewski and Jennifer J. Jones
  • Lingying Elaine Zong, MBA'98
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∞ Deceased