Campaign Giving Roster
Leadership Level: $25,000–$49,999

Chicago Booth gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have given $25,000–$49,999 cumulatively to the school since the start of the campaign through October 31, 2017.


  • Anonymous (2)
  • Paul Richard Aaron, MBA'91 and Catherine W. Aaron
  • David Adler, AB'86, MBA'89
  • Nora Ancona and Edgar Ancona, MBA'76
  • Terry Appel and David Appel, AB'81, MBA'82
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  • Sekhar Bahadur, LAB'77, AB'81, MBA'83 and Monique L. Bahadur, MBA'84
  • Gary R. Bang, MBA'73 and Kathleen Murray-Bang
  • Douglas Craig Barnard, MBA'98 and Rose Murphy Barnard
  • James Barr III, MBA'67 and Joan B. Barr
  • Ellen Marie Beatty, MBA'90 and Randolph P. Beatty
  • Frank Allen Bednarz, MBA'02
  • Matthew A. Beverly, MBA'06 and Sarah Beverly
  • Bruce Bottomley, MBA'72
  • Lisa Brandin and Mark Brandin, MBA'76
  • James Bray, MBA'07
  • Anita Jarmin Brickell, AB'75, MBA'76 and Mark C. Brickell, AB'74
  • Ronald E. Bruehlman, MBA'84 and Janet S. Bruehlman
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  • William Joseph Chase, MBA'99
  • John C. Chen, MBA'96
  • Wai-Keung Cheng, MBA'73 and Helen Cheng
  • Stanley D. Christianson, MBA'60
  • Kenneth Coates, MBA'64
  • Janet Linden Cooper, MBA'82 and David K. Cooper
  • Margaret Crane and William Crane, AB'48, MBA'51
  • Kenneth S. Crews, MBA'74
  • Christopher L. Culp, PhD'97
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  • Daniel Damon, MBA'92
  • John Davidson, MBA'84 and Shirley Schaeffer
  • Richard O. Davies, MBA'69 and Marilee A. Davies
  • Suzanne Davis and Harry L. Davis
  • Keith L. Crandell, MBA'88 and Susan E. Davis, MBA'88
  • Anthony DeChellis, MBA'01 (IXP-6)
  • Anton Derkatch, MBA'03
  • Mehul Desai
  • Samir M. Deshpande, MBA'94 and Vaishali Deshpande
  • Samuel Dodson, MBA'68
  • David Dohnalek, MBA'88 and Nancy Scheer Dohnalek, AB'79
  • Kelley Rhoads Drake, MBA'92 and Michelle Drake
  • Janet and Craig Duchossois
  • Susan K. Dunn, AB'82 and Thomas Dunn, AB'81, MBA'86
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  • Paul Eckley, MBA'77
  • Richard Elden, MBA'66 and Gail Elden, LAB'51, AM'73
  • Thomas Elden, AB'86
  • Deana Elwell, MBA'80
  • William England, MBA'92 (XP-61)
  • Mark A. Ernst, MBA'86
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  • Michael Farb, MBA'09 and Nicole P. Farb, MBA'09
  • Steven Fifield, MBA'72
  • David and Maureen Firkins
  • James Fitzgerald, MBA'81
  • Robert J. Fitzsimmons, MBA'89
  • Robert Steven Flicker, MBA'87
  • Cheryl Francis, MBA'78 and Zed Francis, MBA'78
  • Cheryl S. Friedman and Steven M. Friedman, AB'76, MBA'77
  • Constance M. Frydenlund, MBA'87 and John Covell
  • Reid T. Funston, MBA'92 and Catherine A. Funston, MBA'93
  • Robert Furdak, MBA'89
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  • James Ganley, MBA'96 and Kathryn Klunzinger Ganley, MBA'96
  • Kevin Gasvoda, MBA'97
  • Joseph Allen Gold, MBA'94
  • Kathleen Carpenter and John P. Gould, MBA'63, PhD'66
  • Scott Griffith, MBA'90
  • Margaret Grills and Joe Grills, MBA'58
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  • Gayle Haller, MBA'87
  • Danielle H. Hamada, MBA'92 and Robert S. Hamada
  • Thomas W. Handley, MBA'81 and Susan V. Handley
  • Geri Sands Hansen, AB'81, AM'83 and Gregory Hansen, MBA'81
  • Margaret Hardin, MBA'96
  • John Harding, MBA'75
  • Donald Hendrickson, MBA'64
  • Ross Hikida, MBA'94
  • James Hill Jr., MBA'67
  • Lee Hillman, MBA'79
  • David J. Hinman, MBA'09 (XP-78) and Carol Hinman
  • Megan G. Hobson, MBA'95
  • James E. Hoeg, MBA'00
  • Kathleen N. Holleran and Lawrence Holleran, MBA'72 (XP-31)
  • Fred Holubow, MBA'66
  • Jurgen Anton Huck, MBA'96 and Wendy Huck
  • John Hughes, MBA'68∞
  • Cynthia M. Hultquist and Timothy A. Hultquist, MBA'75
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Norbert Hund and The Hund Family Fund of The Dallas Foundation
  • Mohammed A. Hussain, MBA'14 (EXP-19) and Amna Al-Sayed
  • Johannes P. Huth, MBA'86
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  • Roger Ibbotson, PhD'74 and Jody Sindelar
  • Sally U. Israel, MBA'58 and William E. Israel
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  • Blair V. Jacobson, MBA'99
  • A. Richard Janiak, MBA'70
  • John P. Joliet, MBA'97
  • Robert C. Jones
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  • Carol Rubin and Steven N. Kaplan
  • Dmitriy Katsel
  • Michael A. Kaufman, AB'93, MBA'98 and Kristen Kaufman
  • Jeffrey Keller, IMB'97
  • Kimberly Ann Kemper, MBA'98
  • Scott Kilrea, MBA'98 (XP-67)
  • Stephen E. Kimpel, MBA'99
  • Ashish Kishore, MBA'96 and Colleen Kishore
  • Eric D. Kogan, MBA'89
  • Kontogouris-Djokic Foundation
  • Adrian Kowalewski, MBA'06
  • Karl D. Krausman, MBA'87 and Donna Feldman
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  • John Andre Lacy, MBA'96
  • John P. Larson
  • Loren Lau, MBA'71
  • Julie Leach, MBA'82 and Brock Leach, MBA'82
  • Richard Learner, MBA'94
  • Jonathan L. Ledden, MBA'00 and Krista Ledden
  • Raymond Lee, MBA'85
  • William C. Leipold, MBA'73
  • Teri Lowinger, AM'79, MBA'87 and Frederick Lowinger, JD'80
  • John Lynch, MBA'98
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  • David Madigan, MBA'85
  • Tom Mallman, MBA'68
  • Matthew M. Marsh, MBA'10 (XP-79)
  • Eric Holden Maxfield
  • Peter W. May, AB'64, MBA'65 and Leni May
  • Gerald J. Meehan, MBA'92 and Viola M. Meehan, MBA'92
  • Carl D. Meyer, AB'91, MBA'92
  • Frederick Mifflin, MBA'83
  • Kathryn Ann Mikells, MBA'94 and Edward Harney
  • Andrew Robert Miller, MBA'83 and Janet Miller
  • Jocelyne Monty and Jean C. Monty, MBA'70
  • Timothy E. Moriarty, MBA'99 and Melissa Moriarty
  • Daniel J. Morissette, MBA'93
  • Julie B. Morissette, MBA'93
  • Annie L. Murray, MBA'99 and Raymond M. Murray III, MBA'98
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  • Santosh Nabar, MBA'90, PhD'92 and Neeta Nabar
  • Gurudatta Nadkarni, MBA'98
  • Nancy Nagel and Robert Nagel, MBA'63∞
  • Naji Nahas
  • Frederic E. Nauck, IMB'99
  • Douglas Neff, MBA'73
  • Jennifer Nelson and Fredric Nelson III, MBA'81
  • Mary E. Nicholson and James M. Nicholson, MBA'94
  • Timothy F. Nicholson, MBA'09 and Stephanie Nicholson
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  • John O'Keefe, MBA'62 and Patricia McCormick O'Keefe
  • John P. O'Shaughnessy, MBA'92 and Jeanie O'Shaughnessy
  • Michael M. Osanloo, MBA'96
  • Marjorie Oxaal, MBA'81 and John Oxaal, MBA'81
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  • Teresa Parker, MBA'90
  • Rashmi C. Patel, MBA'02 and Evan M. Raine, MBA'02
  • Daniel Ray Paul, MBA'94
  • Matthew Pieniazek, MBA'85
  • Diego Corapi and Maria Helena Pitaguari
  • Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda and Anjana S. Pitroda
  • Myrna Porter
  • Ryan Scott Preclaw, MBA'08
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  • Bruce Rigal, MBA'89 and Lisa Tedeschini
  • Mark T. Robinson, AB'83, MBA'84
  • Ruth E. Robinson
  • Richard Royse, MBA'83 (XP-50) and Rocky Blumhagen
  • Paul Russo, MBA'90 and Allison Russo
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  • Gloria Schickli and Dillon Schickli, MBA'79
  • Michael Schueler, MBA'69
  • Scott Schweighauser, MBA'89
  • Dennis D. Self, MBA'99 and Christina Self
  • Roberto M. Servitje Labarrere, MBA'13
  • Daniel W. Shaeffer, IMB'97 and Angela Shaeffer
  • Richard Siebert, MBA'76
  • Jason J. Silletti, MBA'97
  • Ricardo R. Silva, MBA'04
  • Elizabeth S. Silverman, MBA'78 and Stephen Silverman, MBA'78
  • Debra A. Sit, MBA'87∞
  • David J. Slump, MBA'96 and Christine D. Slump
  • Smart Family Foundation
  • Stephen Albert Smith, MBA'84 and Jill Susan Dailey Smith
  • Donna L. Snider, MBA'02
  • William Spiegel, MBA'90
  • John Staton, MBA'88
  • Matthew Edwin Steinmetz, MBA'89
  • F. Quinn Stepan, MBA'63
  • Bruce Stevens II, MBA'65
  • Alden Stewart, MBA'71
  • Edward Sturrus, MBA'77
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  • Kit-Ying A. Tai, MBA'80
  • George Tanasijevich, MBA'01
  • Brian Curtis Taylor, MBA'88
  • Evan M. Trent, AB'02, MBA'06
  • Jeanella Trotter, MBA'90 and Virge Trotter, MBA'90
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  • Jeanette Van Nice and Peter Van Nice, MBA'66
  • Sheila Collins and David Vargo, MBA'88
  • Basil K. Vasiliou, MBA'74 and Jane Tucker Vasiliou, MBA'74
  • Kenneth E. Volpert, MBA'85 and Karen S. Volpert
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  • Amit B. Wadhwaney, MBA'83
  • Kent K. Wallace, MBA'01 and Mollie Wallace
  • William R. Waters, MBA'64, PhD'76
  • Teed Welch, MBA'79
  • Thomas W. Wells, MBA'94
  • Jason B. Whiting, MBA'00 and Michelle Whiting
  • Patricia Wier, MBA'78 (XP-41) and Richard Wier, AB'55, AB'56, MBA'57
  • Lawrence B. Wolfe, MBA'87 and Carol S. Wolfe, MBA'87
  • Yuen-Ching Wong, MBA'01
  • George Wood, MBA'69
  • Tracy Wright, MBA'00 and Matthew Friedman, MBA'00
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∞ Deceased