Campaign Giving Roster
Ambassador Level: $250,000–$999,999

Chicago Booth gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have given $250,000–$999,999 cumulatively to the school since the start of the campaign through October 31, 2017.



  • David Beecken, MBA'70
  • John and Susan Berding Family Foundation
  • Rebecca A. Boylan, MAT'72 and Thomas W. Sidlik, MBA'73
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  • Charles H. Cannon Jr., MBA'82
  • Dennis W. Carlton and Jane B. Carlton
  • Daniel Philip Caruso, MBA'90
  • Gary Chaucer
  • Leigh G. Chiu and Clifford King Chiu, MBA'82
  • Gloria Clough and Charles I. Clough Jr., MBA'66
  • Dean C. Curnutt, MBA'96
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  • David A. Daigle, MBA'94 and Elizabeth Daigle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Davis, MBA'77
  • Renaud de Planta, MBA'87
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  • Ellen Rudnick, MBA'73 and Paul Earle, MBA'66
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  • Sherman Shang-Wen Fan, MBA'83 and Lily Li-Chih Fan
  • Barbara and Lawrence Field
  • Fred D. Fischer, MBA'90 and Heather McWilliams
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  • Shin D. Horie, MBA'93 and Makiko Horie
  • Raymond K. Hung, MBA'73 and Yuqin Chen, MBA'09 (AXP-8)
  • Tan Eng Hwa, MBA'17 (AXP-16)
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  • Norman S. Janoff, MBA'80 and Carol L. Janoff
  • Bryan Johnson, MBA'07 (XP-76)
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  • George Kadifa, MBA'89 and Sally R. Kadifa
  • Jeffrey R. Kautz, MBA'96 and Jodi Kautz
  • Irene Capp Kerr, AM'74, MBA'76 and Donald Kerr, MBA'75
  • Rattan L. Khosa, MBA'79
  • Gail Khosla and Victor Khosla, MBA'83
  • Richard Herrick Kimball, MBA'83 and Kathryn Uhrig Kimball, MBA'83
  • Sharon L. Kirchheimer and David M. Kirchheimer, MBA'78
  • Cary A. Kochman, JD'90, MBA'90 and Tara G. Kochman, JD'90
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  • Benjamin Kai Yiu Lee, MBA'83
  • David M. Lee, MBA'87
  • Nicholas Paul Leone, MBA'92 and Grace S. Leone, MBA'92
  • Jucheng Li
  • Michelle Liem, MBA'89 and David Lee
  • Yanxiang Sean Lu, MBA'00
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  • Eliodoro Matte, MBA'72
  • Ravi Mattu, MBA'83 and Manuja Mattu
  • Cynthia Zollinger, MBA'79 and Michael Minor, AM'73, PhD'77
  • Janet T. Mitchell, MBA'94 and Mark L. Mitchell
  • Zeya Thura Mon, MBA'17 (AXP-16)
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  • John D. Paulus, PhD'72
  • Jeffrey Morgan Pearsall, MBA'87
  • Peter G. Peterson, MBA'51
  • Wesley C. Pickard, MBA'72 and Jeanette Studley
  • Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl, AB'80, MBA'81
  • Paul Purcell, MBA'71 and Patricia Purcell
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  • Karen Sauter and Gus Sauter, MBA'80
  • Richard M. Seewald, MBA'05 (EXP-10)
  • Chali Sophonpanich, MBA'85
  • Emily Heisley Stoeckel, MBA'91
  • Andrew D. Stone, MBA'81
  • Morgan Chia-Wen Sze, MBA'93 and Bobbi Josephine Hernandez-Sze, AM'93
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  • Agus Tandiono, MBA'95
  • Tobaccowala Foundation
  • Moses Kwok-Tai Tsang and Angela Cheung
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  • J. William Uhrig, MBA'84 and Anastasia Vournas
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  • Jack Wadsworth, MBA'63 and Susy Wadsworth
  • Leon M. Wagner, MBA'77
  • Todd Warnock, MBA'88 and Liz Warnock
  • John Sanders Watson, MBA'80 and Diane Watson
  • John C. Wellemeyer, MBA'63 and Louise Wellemeyer
  • Lisa R. Wendt and Gregory W. Wendt, AB'83
  • Dennis R. Williams, MBA'65
  • Patrick Wong, MBA'81 and Lily Huang
  • Steven Wymer, MBA'89
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∞ Deceased