Campaign Giving Roster
Partner Level: $50,000–$99,999

Chicago Booth gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have given $50,000–$99,999 cumulatively to the school since the start of the campaign through October 31, 2017.


  • James B. Banker Jr., MBA'16
  • J. Barry Banker, MBA'75 and Jean Ann Banker
  • Peter K. Barker, MBA'71 and Robin Barker
  • Robert Barker, MBA'78
  • Norman R. Bobins, MBA'67
  • Rosemary Booth and Wallace W. Booth, AB'48, MBA'48∞
  • Mark Boydston
  • Carol Ermitage Bramson, MBA'92
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  • Philip John Cavatoni, MBA'91 and Courtney Miller Cavatoni
  • Richard C. and Arrena A. Cheek
  • Patricia Conrades and George Conrades, MBA'71 (XP-28)
  • Robert M. Conway, MBA'69
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  • Ali E. Dashti, MBA'15 (EXP-20) and Mona Dashti
  • Frank Diassi, MBA'60
  • Tom Doctoroff, MBA'89
  • Maxim Lvovich Donde, MBA'99 and Olga I. Donde, MBA'10 (EXP-14)
  • Harold Doolittle, MBA'65
  • Steven Mark Dresner, MBA'82 and Debra E. Dresner
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  • Joseph Eazor, MBA'90 and Deanne Eazor
  • Linda Willard Ender and Jon T. Ender, MBA'70
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  • Rose Brintlinger Fealy, MBA'89 and Robert Fealy
  • Robert Feitler, LAB'46 and Joan Feitler, AM'55
  • Gary Feracota, MBA'95 (XP-64) and Patti Feracota
  • Mark B. Florian, MBA'82 and Lynne Florian
  • David W. Fox, MBA'58
  • Vickie and Kenneth French
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  • Philip L. Hawkins, MBA'80 and Elizabeth P. Hawkins
  • Paul Hillen
  • Harry F. Hixson Jr., MBA'78 (XP-41)
  • Mark Hudoff, MBA'92
  • Edith Hunt, MBA'74
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  • Srikant Inampudi, MBA'01
  • Valentin Ivanov and Iglika Andreevska-Ivanov
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  • Elaine Pamela Jaharis, MBA'86 and Steven Jaharis
  • M. Carl Johnson III, MBA'72
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  • Rajeev and Nidhi Kakar
  • Rajesh Kalathur, MBA'97
  • Nettie Keck and Thomas Keck, IMB'97
  • Lawrence Goodwin Kemp, MBA'87
  • Shiraz A. U. Kotadia, MBA'71
  • Joel Krauss, MBA'74
  • Michael Krauss, AB'75, MBA'76
  • Maria E. Pippo-Kretschmer, MBA'83 and R. David Kretschmer, MBA'82
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  • Randy Lampert, MBA'77
  • John Larson
  • Mark A. Leavitt, MBA'83
  • Pierre Elie Leroy, MBA'72
  • Stephen T. Limpe, MBA'87
  • Willy Ke-Wei Liu, MBA'83 and Linda Wang
  • Douglas F. Londal, MBA'91 and Kristin Londal
  • Mark Ludviksen, MBA'95
  • Everett P. Lunsford Jr., MBA'82
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  • Michael John Mack, MBA'86 and Denise Mack
  • Elaine Mangum and Charles Mangum, MBA'90
  • Mary Manley, MBA'76 and John Manley, MBA'75
  • Paul M. Mayfield, MBA'77 and Susan N. Mayfield, MBA'79
  • Bradford Lawrence McLane, MBA'83
  • Peter McNally, IMB'98
  • David Walter Meline, MBA'86 and Barbara Moser Meline
  • Suzanne Morgan, MBA'78
  • Muhammad W. Mukhtar, MBA'14 (AXP-13) and Bina Sheikh
  • Harriet Mulligan and William Mulligan, MBA'79
  • Christine M. Myers
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  • Jillian Neubauer and Lawrence Neubauer, MBA'95, JD'95
  • Vyvyen and Philip Ng
  • Kristin E. Nicholson and David A. Nicholson, MBA'97
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  • Kathleen O'Brien and James O'Brien, MBA'82
  • Patrick Odier, MBA'82 and Cynthia Odier
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  • Jeffrey S. Parkhill, MBA'92 and Karen L. Parkhill, MBA'92
  • Anne Purcell and Philip J. Purcell, MBA'67
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  • Robert L. Rinder
  • Elaine Chubski Roach, MBA'77 and Steven Roach
  • Therese Rooney
  • David J. Ross, AB'83, MBA'85
  • Errol Rudman, MBA'63
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  • Sahara Enterprises, Inc.
  • James H. Schloemer, MBA'83
  • Stephen Schwartz, MBA'87
  • Michele J. Hooper, MBA'75 and Lemuel Seabrook, AB'74, MBA'75
  • Craig Stephen Selders, MBA'90 and Deborah Selders
  • James Sheaffer, MBA'75 and Dale Koepenick
  • Scott L. Shekell, MBA'01 and Diane M. Shekell
  • Mable Lee and William L. Shia, IMB'01
  • Catherine and Martin Slark
  • David Small, MBA'85
  • Stephen P. Smith, MBA'92
  • Denis Springer, MBA'69 and Roselyn Springer
  • Dennis Stattman, MBA'80
  • Ram P. Subramaniam, MBA'97 and Ellen M. Subramaniam, MBA'97
  • Joseph Lau, MBA'05 and Sylvia Suen, MBA'04
  • Kenneth D. Sweder, MBA'00 and Barb Sweder
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  • Takaaki Tamai, MBA'88
  • Frances Teders and Michael Teders, MBA'73
  • T. Peter Townsend, MBA'61
  • Britt Trukenbrod, MBA'96
  • William S. Trukenbrod, MBA'69 and Joan Trukenbrod
  • Byron G. Tucker, MBA'75 and Elizabeth R. Hilpman
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  • Wendy R. Watkins and H. Thomas Watkins, MBA'79
  • John Coleman Wheeler, MBA'92
  • Howard Willard, MBA'89
  • John Willian, MBA'89 and Suzanne Willian
  • Alison A. Winter, MBA'75
  • Ernest R. Wish, MBA'71 (XP-29) and Mimi D. Wish
  • Jerrold E. Wolf, AM'74, MBA'75 and Janet H. Wolf, AM'74
  • Robert Brand Womsley Jr., MBA'91
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  • John Edward Yoshimura, MBA'87
  • Ray G. Young, MBA'86 and Shirley Zhang
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∞ Deceased