2015–16 Dean’s Society Giving Roster
Rosenwald Fellows: $10,000–$24,999

Chicago Booth gratefully acknowledges the following Dean’s Society donors, graduates of the last five years who have given $10,000–$24,999 to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.


  • Anonymous (5)
  • Claudia Amboss, LLM'97 and Rodolpho Amboss, MBA'97
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  • E. M. Bakwin, MBA'61 (XP-17)
  • Peter Barker, MBA'71
  • Ellen Marie Beatty, MBA'90 and Randolph P. Beatty
  • Adam Berman
  • Camille Blume and Roger Blume, MBA'67
  • Cathy Bordeman and Robert Bordeman, MBA'86 ∞
  • Mark Boydston
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  • Wei Cai, AM'95, MBA'95 and Lan Xue
  • Philip A. Canfield, MBA'96
  • Patricia Conrades and George Conrades, MBA'71 (XP-28)
  • Robert M. Conway, MBA'69
  • Robert Cornog, MBA'66 and Virginia Cornog
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  • Felicitie Jardine Smith Daftuar, MBA'09 and Suhas Daftuar
  • John Davidson, MBA'84 and Shirley Schaeffer
  • Wendy de Monchaux, MBA'86
  • Anthony DeChellis, MBA'01 (IXP-6)
  • Olga Donde, MBA'10 (EXP-14) and Maxim Donde, MBA'99
  • Harold Doolittle, MBA'65
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  • Deanne Eazor and Joseph Eazor, MBA'90
  • James Ely, MBA'87
  • Linda Willard Ender and Jon T. Ender, MBA'70
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  • Steven Fifield, MBA'72
  • Mr. and Mrs. David W. Fox, MBA'58
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  • Tracey Hennessy and Mark J. Hennessy, MBA'90 (XP-59)
  • Karen M. Herman and Michael E. Herman, MBA'64
  • Karen Hirschberg and Andrew Hirschberg, MBA'88
  • Harry Hixson, MBA'78 (XP-41)
  • Kathleen N. Holleran and Lawrence Holleran, MBA'72 (XP-31)
  • Michele Hooper, MBA'75 and Lemuel Seabrook, AB'74, MBA'75
  • Rachel Kohler, MBA'89 and Mark Hoplamazian, MBA'89
  • Jurgen Huck, MBA'96
  • Minh Huynh, MBA'16 (AXP-15)
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  • Elaine Pamela Jaharis, MBA'86 and Steven Jaharis
  • Howard E. Jessen, MBA'68 (XP-24)
  • Marcia Johnson and Rodger C. M. Johnson
  • Mathew Joseph
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  • Kaplan Foundation, Carol Kaplan and Edward Kaplan, MBA'71
  • Nettie Keck and Thomas Keck, IMB'97
  • Susan C. Kelly, MBA'96 and Justin H. Kelly
  • Kathryn Kimball, MBA'83 and Richard Kimball, MBA'83
  • Colin Augustine Kinsella, MBA'89
  • Tara Kochman, JD'90 and Cary Kochman, JD'90, MBA'90
  • Kontogouris-Djokic Foundation
  • Shiraz Kotadia, MBA'71
  • Maria E. Pippo-Kretschmer, MBA'83 and R. David Kretschmer, MBA'82
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  • Mark A. Leavitt, MBA'83
  • Raymond Lee, MBA'85
  • Tracy Leventhal and Jack Leventhal, MBA'91
  • Kathy Leventhal and Richard Leventhal, MBA'70
  • Bonnie Lucas, MBA'89 and Stuart Sondheimer, in memory of Joseph Sondheimer, AB'39
  • Mark Ludviksen, MBA'95
  • Elizabeth Starkey and John Lynch, MBA'98
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  • Matthew M. Marsh, MBA'10 (XP-79) and Rebecca Marsh
  • Susan Mayfield, MBA'79 and Paul Mayfield, MBA'77
  • Stephen McKenna, MBA'96
  • Bradford McLane, MBA'83
  • Mac and Leslie McQuown
  • James B. McWethy
  • Viola Meehan, MBA'92 and Gerald Meehan, MBA'92
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  • Nancy Nagel and Robert Nagel, MBA'63 ∞
  • Frederic Nauck, IMBA'99
  • Jillian Neubauer and Lawrence Neubauer, MBA'95, JD'95
  • Kristin E. Nicholson and David A. Nicholson, MBA'97
  • Mary E. Nicholson and James M. Nicholson, MBA'94
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  • Vasant Prabhu, MBA'83
  • Paul Purcell, MBA'71 and Patricia Purcell
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  • Elaine Roach, MBA'77 and Steven Roach
  • Ruth Robinson
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  • Derek Sasveld, MBA'01
  • Michael Schueler, MBA'69
  • Felix Schupp, MBA'15 (EXP-20)
  • Stephen Schwartz, MBA'87
  • Scott Schweighauser, MBA'89
  • Christina Self and Dennis Self, MBA'99
  • Ricardo Silva, MBA'04
  • Catherine Slark and Martin Slark
  • Emily Heisley Stoeckel, MBA'91
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  • Mary A. Tolan, MBA'92 (XP-61) and Edward Grzelakowski
  • T. Peter Townsend, MBA'61
  • Evan M. Trent, AB'02, MBA'06
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  • Amy Viellieu and Kenneth Viellieu, MBA'84
  • Karen Volpert and Kenneth Volpert, MBA'85
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  • Wendy R. Watkins and H. Thomas Watkins, MBA'79
  • John Wheeler, MBA'92
  • Howard Willard, MBA'89
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  • Donna Frett Zarcone, MBA'87 and Phillip Zarcone
  • James Ziegelbauer, MBA'77
  • Cynthia Zollinger, MBA'79 and Michael Minor, AM'73, PhD'77
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∞ Deceased