2015–16 Dean’s Society Giving Roster
Patrons: $5,000–$9,999

Chicago Booth gratefully acknowledges the following Dean’s Society donors, graduates of the last five years who have given $5,000–$9,999 to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.


  • Anonymous (6)
  • David Adler, AB'86, MBA'89
  • Seungho Ahn, MBA'79
  • William John Anast, MBA'01 and Kimberly Anast
  • Nora Ancona and Edgar Ancona, MBA'76
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  • Calvin Baker, MBA'69
  • Kathleen Murray-Bang and Gary Bang, MBA'73
  • Joan and James Barr, MBA'67
  • David Beecken, MBA'70
  • Eric D. Belcher, MBA'95
  • Angela Blatteis, MBA'86 and Daniel Blatteis
  • Johanna Bot-Vos, MBA'92 and Bernard Bot, MBA'92
  • Michael Botos, MBA'94
  • Bruce Bottomley, MBA'72
  • Ron and Janet Bruehlman
  • Ruchi Kumar, IMBA'01 and Murli Dhar Buluswar, MBA'01
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  • Donald Calcagni, MBA'16 (XP-85)
  • Ivan Bing Hung Chan, MBA'89
  • Tiffany J. Choong, AB'09, MBA'14 and Thong Kai Shang, SB'09, MBA'14
  • Florence Cohen, MAT'74 and Neal Cohen, AB'83, MBA'84
  • Donald Conover, MBA'79
  • Kenneth Crews, MBA'74
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  • Daniel Damon, MBA'92
  • Frances DeBlasio, MBA'95
  • Samuel Dodson, MBA'68
  • Yizhen Dong, MBA'16
  • Ellen Reddy, MBA'90 and Paul Donofrio, MBA'90
  • Emory Douglass, MBA'62
  • Nathan Dowden, MBA'96
  • Michelle Drake and Kelley Drake, MBA'92
  • Susan K. Dunn, AB'82 and Thomas Dunn, AB'81, MBA'86
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  • George Eberstadt, MBA'93
  • Paul Eckley, MBA'77
  • Martha Eggemeyer and John Eggemeyer, MBA'71
  • Richard Elden, MBA'66 and Gail Elden, LAB'51, AM'73
  • Susan Elolampi, MBA'01
  • Deana Elwell, MBA'80
  • Eric Etu, MBA'09
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  • S. Kent Fannon, MBA'76
  • Alison and William Fitzgerald, MBA'88
  • James Fitzgerald, MBA'81
  • Robert Flicker, MBA'87
  • Cheryl Francis, MBA'78 and Zed Francis, MBA'78
  • Jay Freedman, MBA'82
  • Tracy Wright, MBA'00 and Matthew Friedman, MBA'00
  • Cheryl S. Friedman and Steven M. Friedman, AB'76, MBA'77
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  • Joseph Gaffigan, MBA'91
  • James Ganley, MBA'96 and Kathryn Klunzinger Ganley, MBA'96
  • Douglas Grant Geib II, MBA'97 (XP-66) and Monica M. Geib
  • Craig Goldberg, MBA'80
  • Amy Gordon and Michael Gordon, MBA'96
  • Kathleen Carpenter and John P. Gould, MBA'63, PhD'66
  • Karen Gramigna-Warren, MBA'90 and Adam Warren, AB'82, MBA'85
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  • Gayle Haller, MBA'87
  • Margaret Hardin, MBA'96
  • John Harding, MBA'75
  • Kimberly Wilkeson, MBA'97 and Charles Harper, MBA'96
  • Robert Hechler, MBA'67
  • Donald Hendrickson, MBA'64
  • Platt Hill, MBA'74
  • David Hinman, MBA'09 (XP-78)
  • Fred Holubow, MBA'66
  • Gillian Yeo, MBA'12 (AXP-11) and Ted Hornbein, MBA'05 (AXP-4)
  • John Hughes, MBA'68 ∞
  • Cynthia M. Hultquist and Timothy A. Hultquist, MBA'75
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Norbert Hund and The Hund Family Fund of The Dallas Foundation
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  • Roger Ibbotson, PhD'74 and Jody Sindelar, EX
  • Srikant Inampudi, MBA'01
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  • Blair Jacobson, MBA'99
  • A. Richard Janiak, MBA'70
  • Kai John, MBA'15 (EXP-20)
  • M. Carl Johnson III, MBA'72
  • Ronald Judy, MBA'76
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  • Kristen Kaufman and Michael Kaufman, AB'93, MBA'98
  • Lawrence Kemp, MBA'87
  • Kate Kenny, MBA'90 and Richard Kenny, MBA'79
  • Scott Kilrea, MBA'98 (XP-67)
  • James Kilts, MBA'09
  • Colleen Kishore and Ashish Kishore, MBA'96
  • Allan Kleidon, MBA'81, PhD'83, and Fei Li
  • Michael Klingensmith, AB'75, MBA'76
  • Eric D. Kogan, MBA'89
  • Judith W. Kordash and John L. Kordash, MBA'75
  • Sunil Kumar and Sumati Murli
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  • J.A. Lacy, MBA'96
  • Salim Lalani, MBA'69
  • Lorraine and John Langdon, MBA'74
  • Loren Lau, MBA'71
  • Deborah Laughton and Terrill Laughton, MBA'01
  • Julie Leach, MBA'82 and Brock Leach, MBA'82
  • Richard Learner, MBA'94
  • Keith Little, MBA'81
  • Kristin Londal and Douglas Londal, MBA'91
  • Lynn Lowinger, AM'79, MBA'87 and Frederick Lowinger, JD'80
  • Youming Lu, MBA'16 (AXP-15)
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  • Elaine Mangum and Charles Mangum, MBA'90
  • Nina Mariano and Robert Mariano, MBA'87 (XP-56)
  • George P. Maris, MBA '99 and Lisa Maris
  • Frederick Mifflin, MBA'83
  • Janet Miller and Andrew Miller, MBA'83
  • Callene Momtazee, AB'95, AM'97 and John Momtazee, JD'97, MBA'97
  • Jean C. Monty, MBA'70
  • John Moss, MBA'64
  • Harriet Mulligan and William Mulligan, MBA'79
  • Annie L. Murray, MBA'99 and R. Michael Murray, MBA'98
  • Monica Muschalik, MBA'91 and Jim Muschalik
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  • Neeta Nabar and Santosh Nabar, MBA'90, PhD'92
  • Margaret Nadkarni and Gurudatta Nadkarni, MBA'98
  • Vahe Nalbandian, MBA'64, PhD'66
  • Douglas Neff, MBA'73
  • Stephanie Nicholson and Timothy Nicholson, MBA'09
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  • John O'Shaughnessy, MBA'92
  • Marjorie Oxaal, MBA'81 and John Oxaal, MBA'81
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  • Susan Packard, MBA'89 and Ronald Packard, MBA'89
  • John Paddison, MBA'50
  • Teresa Parker, MBA'90
  • Matthew Pieniazek, MBA'85
  • Myrna Porter
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  • Mason B. Reay
  • Catherine Klema, JD'84 and David Resnick, MBA'85, JD'85
  • Linda Robin and James Robin, MBA'81
  • Mark Robinson, AB'83, MBA'84
  • Tyler Rose, MBA'86
  • Joanna Rupp, MBA'94
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  • G. William Schwert, MBA'73, PhD'75
  • Angela Shaeffer and Daniel Shaeffer, IMBA'97
  • Bhavin Shah, MBA'96
  • Shawn Shi, MBA'16
  • Nancy Shoemate and Charles Shoemate, MBA'71
  • Elizabeth S. Silverman, MBA'78 and Stephen Silverman, MBA'78
  • David Slump, MBA'96
  • David Small, MBA'85
  • Stephen Smith, MBA'92
  • Charles Snellgrove, MBA'16 (XP-85)
  • Gillian Steel and Robert K. Steel, MBA'84
  • Sandra Leve Stein, AM'83 and Richard Stein, MBA'83
  • Veronika A. E. Steingraber and Fred G. Steingraber, MBA'64
  • Matthew Steinmetz, MBA'89
  • Bruce Stevens, MBA'65
  • Edward Sturrus, MBA'77
  • Sharon Sunoo and Edward Sunoo, MBA'91
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  • Marilyn and Lee Tenzer, MBA'77
  • Cecile Thai, MBA'16
  • Jeanella Trotter, MBA'90 and Virge Trotter, MBA'90
  • Joan Trukenbrod and William Trukenbrod, MBA'69
  • Byron Tucker, MBA'75
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  • Jeanette Van Nice and Peter Van Nice, MBA'66
  • Sheila Collins and David Vargo, MBA'88
  • Jane Vasiliou, MBA'74 and Basil Vasiliou, MBA'74
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  • Amit Wadhwaney, MBA'83
  • Thomas W. Wells, MBA'94
  • Mary S. Willis and John R. Willis, MBA'74
  • Ryan Wolf, MBA'14 (XP-83)
  • Meredith Bluhm-Wolf and William Wolf, MBA'90
  • Jeanette Wong, MBA'02 (AXP-1)
  • Yuen-Ching Wong, MBA'01
  • George Wood, MBA'69
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  • Cynthia Yingling and Jeffrey Yingling, MBA'84
  • Stacey and Mark W. Yusko, MBA'87
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∞ Deceased