2016–17 Dean’s Society Giving Roster
Rosenwald Fellows: $10,000–$24,999

Chicago Booth gratefully acknowledges the following Dean’s Society donors, graduates of the last five years who have given $10,000–$24,999 to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.


  • Anonymous (10)
  • Nicholas W. Alexos, MBA'88
  • Claudia Amboss, LLM'97 and Rodolpho Amboss, MBA'97
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  • Calvin Baker, MBA'69
  • Peter Barker, MBA'71
  • Ellen Marie Beatty, MBA'90 and Randolph P. Beatty
  • Angela Jill Blatteis, MBA'86 and Daniel Blatteis
  • Roger Blume, MBA'67 and Camille Blume
  • Mark Boydston
  • James Bray, MBA'07
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  • William Chase, MBA'99
  • Phyllis G. Cohen and Barton J. Cohen, MBA'73
  • Patricia Conrades and George Conrades, MBA'71 (XP-28)
  • Margaret and William Crane, AB'48, MBA'51
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  • Ali E. Dashti, MBA'15 (EXP-20) and Mona Dashti
  • John Davidson, MBA'84 and Shirley Schaeffer
  • Paul Deneve, MBA'03 (EXP-8)
  • Samir M. Deshpande, MBA'94
  • Frank Diassi, MBA'60
  • Olga Donde, MBA'10 (EXP-14) and Maxim Donde, MBA'99
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  • Michael Elwood, MBA'97
  • Elisabeth Ely and James Ely, MBA'87
  • Linda Willard Ender and Jon T. Ender, MBA'70
  • Mark A. Ernst, MBA'86
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  • Rose Brintlinger Fealy, MBA'89 and Robert Fealy
  • Steven Fifield, MBA'72
  • Mark Florian, MBA'82
  • Mr. and Mrs. David W. Fox, MBA'58
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  • Joseph Gold, MBA'94
  • L. Spencer Greenwald, MBA'98
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  • Asuncion Hayward, MBA'89 and Christopher Hayward, MBA'92
  • Karen M. Herman and Michael E. Herman, MBA'64
  • Harry Hixson, MBA'78 (XP-41)
  • Kathleen N. Holleran and Lawrence Holleran, MBA'72 (XP-31)
  • Michele J. Hooper, MBA'75 and Lemuel Seabrook, AB'74, MBA'75
  • Jurgen Anton Huck, MBA'96 and Wendy Huck
  • Yeuk-Wai N. Hung, MBA'11 (AXP-10) and David Liu
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  • Elaine Pamela Jaharis, MBA'86 and Steven Jaharis
  • Michael Jennings, MBA'92
  • Howard E. Jessen, MBA'68 (XP-24)
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  • Rajesh Kalathur, MBA'97
  • Ashish Kishore, MBA'96 and Colleen Kishore
  • Tara Kochman, JD'90 and Cary Kochman, JD'90, MBA'90
  • Kontogouris-Djokic Foundation
  • Shiraz Kotadia, MBA'71
  • Maria E. Pippo-Kretschmer, MBA'83 and R. David Kretschmer, MBA'82
  • Emily Kruger, MBA'17
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  • Mark A. Leavitt, MBA'83
  • Benjamin Lee, MBA'83 and Benjamin Kai Yiu Lee, MBA'83
  • Raymond Lee, MBA'85
  • Stephen Limpe, MBA'87
  • Keith Gregory Little, MBA'81
  • Michele Williams and Mark Loughridge, MBA'82
  • Bonnie Lou Lucas, MBA'89 and Stuart P. Sondheimer
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  • Michael John Mack, MBA'86 and Denise Mack
  • Elaine Mangum and Charles Mangum, MBA'90
  • Matthew M. Marsh, MBA'10 (XP-79) and Rebecca Marsh
  • Richard A. Marx, MBA'92
  • Susan Mayfield, MBA'79 and Paul Mayfield, MBA'77
  • Bradford Lawrence McLane, MBA'83
  • Mac and Leslie McQuown
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  • Santosh Nabar, MBA'90, PhD'92
  • Vahe A. Nalbandian, MBA'64, PhD'66
  • Frederic Edward Nauck, IMBA'99
  • Jillian Neubauer and Lawrence Neubauer, MBA'95, JD'95
  • Kristin E. Nicholson and David A. Nicholson, MBA'97
  • Mary E. Nicholson and James M. Nicholson, MBA'94
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  • Lisa O'Brien and Jerry O'Brien, MBA'94
  • Kathleen and James O'Brien, MBA'82
  • Henry Odell, MBA'48
  • Cynthia Odier and Patrick Odier, MBA'82
  • Judy Ong and Richard Tiongsin Ong
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  • Peter Richardson
  • Pauline Schultz and David Rudis, AB'75, MBA'76
  • Errol Rudman, MBA'63
  • Marsha and William Rusnack, MBA'70
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  • Derek Allan Sasveld, MBA'01
  • Michael Schueler, MBA'69
  • Elizabeth S. Silverman, MBA'78 and Stephen Silverman, MBA'78
  • Catherine and Martin Slark
  • Michael Small, MBA'81
  • Stephen Paul Smith, MBA'92
  • William Stein, MBA'94
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  • Brian Taylor, MBA'88
  • T. Peter Townsend, MBA'61
  • James Tsao, MBA'81
  • Elizabeth Hilpman and Byron Tucker, MBA'75
  • David Arthur Twardock, MBA'82 and Kathleen Twardock
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  • Kenneth Viellieu, MBA'84 and Amy Viellieu
  • Kenneth Volpert, MBA'85
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  • David Yates, AB'82, MBA'87
  • John Yoshimura, MBA'87
  • Ray G. Young, MBA'86 and Xiaoying Zhang
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  • Donna Frett Zarcone, MBA'87
  • James Ziegelbauer, MBA'77
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∞ Deceased