2016–17 Dean’s Society Giving Roster
Laureates: $25,000 or more

Chicago Booth gratefully acknowledges the following Dean’s Society donors, graduates of the last five years who have given $25,000 or more to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.


  • Anonymous (8)
  • Paul Richard Aaron, MBA'91 and Catherine W. Aaron
  • Scott J. Adelson, MBA'87
  • John Amboian, AB'83, MBA'84 and Ann Lee Amboian, AB'83
  • Kathleen Ashby and Steven Ashby, MBA'72
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  • Brian Paul Baker, MBA'97
  • E. M. Bakwin, MBA'61 (XP-17)
  • David Beecken, MBA'70
  • Norman R. Bobins, MBA'67
  • David G. Booth, MBA'71
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  • Philip A. Canfield, MBA'96
  • Daniel Philip Caruso, MBA'90
  • Stephen James Czech, MBA'98 (XP-67)
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  • Linda J. Davis and Thomas W. Davis, MBA'77
  • Renaud de Planta, MBA'87
  • Anton Derkatch, MBA'03
  • Harold Doolittle, MBA'65
  • Mark Dreyfus, MBA'80
  • Gregory Thomas Durant, MBA'88
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  • John Edwardson, MBA'72
  • Merrick M. Elfman, MBA'83
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  • Nicole Farb, MBA'09 and Michael Farb, MBA'09
  • Susan P. Friedman and Richard A. Friedman, MBA'81
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  • Joel F. Gemunder, MBA'62
  • Lore Griffith and Scott Griffith, MBA'90
  • Steven Gruber, MBA'81
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  • Susan Hapak, MBA'89
  • Lisa Toner Heffernan, MBA'80 and Roger Orf, MBA'77, JD'79
  • James P. Hickey, MBA'82
  • Deborah Ziegler Hilibrand, AB'78, MBA'79 and Lawrence Hilibrand
  • Johannes Huth, MBA'86
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  • Karen L. Katen, AB'70, MBA'74
  • Peter C. Keenoy, MBA'84
  • Connie Keller and Dennis Keller, MBA'68
  • Susan C. Kelly, MBA'96 and Justin H. Kelly
  • Lawrence Goodwin Kemp, MBA'87
  • Gail Khosla and Victor Khosla, MBA'83
  • Sandra M. Kilts and James M. Kilts, MBA'74
  • Sharon L. Kirchheimer and David M. Kirchheimer, MBA'78
  • Soichiro Kurachi, MBA'85
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  • Michelle Liem, MBA'89 and David Lee
  • Michael D. Lockhart, MBA'75
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  • Monica McQuaid and Charles P. McQuaid, MBA'76
  • David Walter Meline, MBA'86 and Barbara Moser Meline
  • John W. Meriwether, MBA'73
  • Luis Miranda, MBA'89 and Fiona Dias-Miranda
  • Sharon L. Moulder and Leon Moulder, MBA'97 (XP-66)
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  • David Martin Neenan, MBA'95 and Catherine D. Neenan
  • Ann V. Nicholson and James B. Nicholson, MBA'67
  • Cathy Niden, AB'81, MBA'84, PhD'88 and Howard Niden, AB'80, MBA'84
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  • Aaron Olsen, PhD'16, SM'16
  • Thomas John Otterbein, MBA'94 and Victoria Otterbein
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  • Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl, AB'80, MBA'81
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  • Paula Rantz and Michael Rantz, MBA'83
  • Lisa Rigsbee and Stephen Rigsbee, AM'83, MBA'84
  • Margaret M. Rothman and Robert Rothman, MBA'77
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  • Karen Sauter and Gus Sauter, MBA'80
  • Myron Scholes, MBA'64, PhD'70
  • Stephen Schwartz, MBA'87
  • Rebecca A. Boylan, MAT'72 and Thomas W. Sidlik, MBA'73
  • Dennis Stattman, MBA'80
  • Avi Rafael Stopper, MBA'06
  • Morgan Chia-Wen Sze, MBA'93 and Bobbi Josephine Hernandez-Sze, AM'93
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  • Allan Teh, MBA'91
  • Immanuel Thangaraj, AB'92, MBA'93
  • Tina L. Trott and Byron D. Trott, AB'81, MBA'82
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  • Jack Wadsworth, MBA'63 and Susy Wadsworth
  • Timothy J. Walsh, MBA'89
  • Todd Warnock, MBA'88 and Liz Warnock
  • Diane Watson and John Sanders Watson, MBA'80
  • Howard Willard, MBA'89
  • Ted Wright, MBA'00
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  • Mary Yovovich, AB'74, MBA'78 and Paul Yovovich, AB'74, MBA'75
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  • Cynthia Zollinger, MBA'79 and Michael Minor, AM'73, PhD'77
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∞ Deceased