Chandra Nath, ’07: West Coast Dean’s Society Donor Q&A

Chandra Nath, ’07, is head of special situations at Palantir Technologies. He is a consistent Dean’s Society donor and has remained engaged with the Booth community since his graduation. Read the Q&A below to find out why he gives his time and support to Booth.

Q: Please share a brief summary of what you’ve been up to since you graduated from Booth.

A: I initially set out West since I wanted to be closer to the technology. At the time, we were still recovering from the tech bubble. It is hard to remember those days, but Apple hadn’t even launched the iPhone; Facebook was two years old; Netflix was 1/100th of what it is today; and Uber didn’t even exist. I joined Merrill Lynch investment banking to essentially cover the technology sector and execute blue chip deals. The rapid innovation that followed the iPhone was mind-boggling, and it was being driven by many of the engineers I knew well. This catalyzed my decision to move on from being an advisor, go back to my engineering roots, and become a principal in building these technology organizations. I joined Palantir, which is leading the way in how organizations can better use data. It really has been a tremendous journey since graduating from Booth.

Q: How do you stay engaged with Booth living on the West Coast?

A: I’m still very close to my Booth class that moved out to the Bay Area. We’ve grown up together. I’ve attended their weddings, their children’s birthdays, other major life events. And now I’m investing more time in engaging more broadly with Booth, whether it is through locally organized events or heading back to campus for high throughput events like Booth 20/20.

Q: What factors played into your decision to give back to Booth? Was a significant or memorable experience that you have had during your time at Booth an important part of this decision?

A: Great educational institutions have always been developed by the patronage and involvement of their alumni. It is just a philosophy I live by, more than any specific experience. I wouldn’t have had the career opportunities I’ve had without Booth, and it’s my responsibility to give back.

Q: What has inspired you to support the school through the Annual Fund?

A: I want Booth to continue to be the best business school in the world and that requires investing in creative ways to educate our students and particularly in entrepreneurship, which is a passion area of mine.

Q: Why should others get engaged or give back to Booth?

A: The strength of the Booth network comes from the engagement and support of its alumni. Actually, I believe that is the no. 1 driver that separates the great institutions from the good ones. I can’t even count the number of times Booth classmates have opened doors for me. By engaging with Booth, it keeps me current on some of the amazing things Booth alumni, faculty, and students are up to.