Show your Chicago Booth pride when video conferencing with colleagues or friends using our custom Zoom backgrounds.

Are you reminiscing about your time at Chicago Booth? Do you wish you could step back onto campus right now?

Many people are currently using video conferencing services like Zoom to connect while working remotely. Download our custom Zoom backgrounds to bring the spirit of Chicago Booth into your home or remote work space and share your Booth pride during teleconferencing meetings with colleagues and friends!

Here's how to use the backgrounds:

  • Right click on any of the images below and choose "Save Image As.”
  • Open your Zoom meeting, click the upward arrow next to "Stop Video," and select “Choose Virtual Background."
  • Upload your image and set your background. Make sure to uncheck the "Mirror my video" box option under Video Settings.

Please note the backgrounds are sized for desktop use only.

View additional Booth backgrounds here.

As many of you adjust to a new way of working and connecting with coworkers, family, and friends remotely, we encourage you to use video conferencing as much as possible. Check out some of Chicago Booth’s stories about remote work as well, such as this article in Chicago Booth Review about how to communicate better at work and on conference calls.