Alumna Provides Mental Health Services During COVID-19

The pandemic sweeping the globe has taken a toll on people’s mental health—some more than others. That’s why Molly Wilson, ’07, thought it was so important to continue to offer mental health services to patients at Aris Clinic.

“I'm so thankful for the education I received at Chicago Booth which allows me to prepare and guide an organization through such a challenging time,” she said. “Mental health is a vital service to our community and the ability to maintain continuity of care during unprecedented stressful times is profoundly rewarding.”

Like many Booth graduates, Wilson started her career as a consultant. But in 2013, as her family grew and she started looking for a job with less travel, she joined her sister, a child psychiatrist, to lead the administration of a small private mental health clinic in Minnesota. One piece of the clinic’s business plan was to choose a strategic electronic medical records platform, and its ability to implement telehealth was a key requirement. When pandemic restrictions hit the area, Aris Clinic canceled patient services for one day to retrain staff to provide telehealth services and went live the next day. 

“It will continue to be a daily challenge to manage staff and patients in our new virtual service model,” Wilson said. “However, the alternative of closing our doors would have been devastating to patients and to our employees.”

Aris Clinic is a therapeutic school offering out-patient care for students K-12, with half the day spent on educational activities, and the other half in therapy. Wilson said she’s heard from parents who are appreciative for the continuation of services, many of whom said that although they work for huge corporations, they couldn’t initially get online for meetings.

“I'm grateful for the critical thinking I learned at Booth—which allowed me to look ahead for opportunities and mitigate risks,” she said. “It won't be a perfect path forward, but there is a light ahead that we will continue to strive toward.”

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