The Annual Fund

The Chicago Booth Impact Challenge: Multiply Your Impact

Thank you to all those who made a gift during the Chicago Booth Impact Challenge May 15th - June 15th.  You exhausted the $500K in matching funds, and the challengers agreed to match the overflow so that no one's gift went unmatched.  This has made a tremendous impact on the Annual Fund—thank you!

The Annual Fund

Your gift to the Annual Fund supports specially designated initiatives that give Chicago Booth the flexibility to maintain its excellence. With your help, we can promote the value of our approach to business, maintain important programs, and seed the new ideas that lie at the very core of our culture.

Annual Fund gifts are Booth’s leading source of unrestricted revenues. Please consider making a donation to enable Booth to:

  • Enrich faculty research and curricular initiatives—Booth’s reputation is built on our unparalleled faculty who generate the ideas that drive business. Help us attract and retain professors who are leaders in their fields, as well as ensure that they have the ability to impart cutting-edge knowledge to Booth students.
  • Provide scholarship support for the best and brightest minds—The Chicago approach to business education—with its emphasis on theory, modeling, and rigorous analysis—attracts a special breed of student. Help us award merit-based scholarships to students who embody our values.
  • Expand global visibility of the Chicago Booth brand—Our culture of inquiry and innovation creates leaders who are uniquely qualified to tackle business challenges and seize opportunities. Help us spread the message about the value our graduates deliver and the transformational ideas generated by our expert faculty.

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