Class Gift

Class gift has been an opportunity for students to better understand and take an active part in the culture of giving that has supported Booth for decades.

It is the beginning of a lifelong tradition of annually supporting Chicago Booth with time, effort, and dollars. By giving, each class makes a public commitment by investing in the school; ensuring the continued success of the institution; and participating in a robust philanthropic community that supports essential Booth programs.

Priorities funded through class gift include:

  • Faculty research to promote cutting edge thought leadership
  • Student recruitment through scholarships and programmatic support
  • Student-alumni programming to deepen the Booth network

Historical giving rates and participation have been high, and the goal for each class is to maintain the momentum and grow the impact of their class gift.

Class gift is one last moment for graduating students to amplify their competitive nature, galvanize around a goal, and exemplify their propensity for success. Class gift is their lasting legacy at Booth, not only leaving something significant for future students but also maintaining Booth’s status as one of the best business schools in the world.

Class gift structure:

  • The class gift committee is led by students who exemplify leadership in their class.
  • Solicitation begins in the final weeks before graduation.
  • Volunteer responsibilities include peer to peer outreach, campaign communications, and events to promote giving.
  • The committee is fully supported by advancement staff.

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